Homemade slide guitar

Finished slide guitar

I made my own slide guitar! It’s basically just a plank of wood with a bunch of components, some angle brackets and machine heads - really easy. I detail the build below.

Headstock with drill holes

I cut up the plank for the headstock so the machine heads have room to pop out (in hindsight, I should’ve just used a narrower plank). Then I drilled some holes to stick the machine heads though.

I bored/chiseled some holes to embed the machine heads in. Not the best craftsmanship. :-)

I used a piece of an angle bracket for the nut and I filed in some grooves for the strings.

I did the same for the bridge and drilled in some screws to wrap the strings around.

Bored/chiseled some more holes for the pickups and components.

Made a nice looking scratchplate to hold everything in place.