Cyber security challenge

This year I took part in CySCA 2014 - a 24-hour computer security competition for uni and TAFE students across Australia. The competition consisted of ‘capturing flags’ (completing challenges) in a simulated environment, involving tasks such as reverse-engineering programs, network forensics, cryptography and more.

Even though most of my team didn’t last the full 24-hours, we still managed to score 33rd place!

One particularly interesting task involved me having to recreate and uncompress a disk volume from captured network traffic (using Wireshark), mounting it and restoring deleted files (using Sleuthkit).

I didn’t end up solving that challenge, but I did come across a tongue-in-cheek easter egg image stating: “Nope. Not here”. Although slightly demotivating, I’ve got to appreciate the level of detail they went into creating these challenges haha. Can’t wait till next year!